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Covid-19 Policy & Treatment Consent Form

Please do not come to the clinic if you or any of your family are showing any symptoms of Covid-19 and please be reassured that all of us will be taking the same precautions that we are asking of you. Our priority is to keep us all as safe as possible.


The steps we’ve taken to create a COVID Secure Clinic 

Telephone Assessment

  • Prior to booking any face to face consultations we have to conduct a telephone "triage" to confirm you are well and able to attend the clinic
  • You will asked be to confirm that you understand the risks of a face to face treatment and understand that we cannot totally eliminate the Covid-19 risks 
  • We will ensure that you understand:
    • The potential nature of close patient contact during your visit
    • The level of PPE that a physiotherapist and patient will be required to wear
    • The infection prevention and control measures that must be taken
    • We will explain what will happen when you arrive for your treatment including taking your temperature with an infrared thermometer

Changes we have had to make

  • You will find physical reminders of social distancing in the clinic, including floor markings, and posters.
  • Couch covers have been removed. Pillows have plastic cleanable covers. Disposable paper couch roll will be used.
  • Ventilation is extremely important, so we now have a new air purificaton system which ensures good quality air throughout our treatments rooms.
  • We ask you to bring as little as possible with you into the clinic. We ask you to keep all keys, phones etc. in your pocket or place these on one of the clean trays that are available in the entrance porch before entering the treatment room.
  • Between each treatment we have to allow time to change PPE and clean all the surfaces that have been touched by either the physio or patient. This includes plinths, handles, taps, light switches and the toilet if it has been used.

Clinic Capacity 

  • We are not using our reception area as a waiting room. We will ask that you please wait in your car until your appointment time. When we are ready for you, we will come and let you know. If you have not come by car please wait at the front door of the clinic until we say you can come in.
  • Whilst in the clinic, please observe social distancing, by keeping at least 2m from anyone whenever possible.
  • We would request that, if at all possible, you do not bring anyone with you to your appointment. If you are a parent or chaperone you will also need to be screened.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Hand Hygiene

  • The Physiotherapist will be wearing PPE and following the latest guidance. This will include a mask and disposable gloves and apron.
  • You will be asked to wear a mask that the clinic can supply.
  • Please wash your hands thoroughly when you enter the clinic. 
  • Please refrain from touching as much as possible whilst you are in the clinic.
  • Toilet facilities will be available as usual, however we would encourage you to use your own facilities where possible.
  • Hand sanitiser is supplied throughout the clinic and we ask you to please use this as you leave the clinic.


If you have any questions regarding your treatment please do not hesitate to contact us.


 The Barn Physiotherapy Clinic




The coronavirus may not cause symptoms in some people and is currently causing a pandemic which means healthcare services are required to operate differently.

The treatment you will receive is not possible to do at 2m social distancing therefore there is a higher risk to you and the practitioner of contracting Covid-19.


To try and minimise the increased risk whilst attending the clinic, practitioners will be wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) in accordance with the current recommended government and professional body guidelines. 


All of our staff have confirmed that they are not experiencing any Covid-19 symptoms and that to the best of their knowledge that they have not been in close contact with anyone with confirmed Covid-19 in the last 10 days.



To keep us all safe we require you to agree to the following statements:

  1.  I confirm that I and no one in my household is experiencing Covid-19 symptoms or has done so in the past 7 days. (Fever, fatigue, shortness of breath, loss of sense of taste or smell, dry cough or sore throat.)
  2. I confirm that to the best of my knowledge that I have not been in contact with anyone with confirmed Covid-19 in the last 10 days
  3. I confirm that I will inform the clinic if I develop any Covid-19 symptoms in the three days following my treatment.
  4. I agree that I have had the opportunity to ask questions and that I can continue to ask questions at any point during my physiotherapy treatment.
  5. I confirm that I have read, understood and agree with the information in “The Barn Physiotherapy Clinic Standard Operating Policy for Face to Face Physiotherapy” document, explaining the possible risks of attending face to face appointments and the procedures in place to reduce the risk.


I agree to the above statements and wish to attend a face to face appointment during the Covid-19 pandemic




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