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Tips, Advice and Exercise

Helpful advice and information sheets on a variety of conditions and problems.

Warm up advice for your sport
Adobe Acrobat document [964.5 KB]
Dealing with wear and tear
As you get older, wear and tear can take its toll on muscles and joints, and you might encounter medical problems that limit your movement.
Adobe Acrobat document [671.1 KB]
Sports injuries part 1
Sports injuries can affect sportsmen and women of all ages and abilities.
This leaflet offers advice on how to deal with and overcome sports injuries.
Adobe Acrobat document [187.4 KB]
Sports injuries part 2
Adobe Acrobat document [147.4 KB]
Fit for work
Tips and advice for workers to counter work-aggravated health problems.
Adobe Acrobat document [2.0 MB]
Help your mind and body get ready for exams
Adobe Acrobat document [43.3 KB]
Guide to sleeping positions
Tips for a good night's sleep
Adobe Acrobat document [237.8 KB]
Under pressure
Learn how physical activity can help you prevent or manage stress.
Stay healthy and happy at work with advice from the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy.
Adobe Acrobat document [584.2 KB]
Get your kids fit
Leaflet packed with top tips to help you get your kids fit for the future. Produced by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and the British Dietetic Association,
Adobe Acrobat document [2.1 MB]
Help your children's backs
This leaflet gives physiotherapy advice on how to get kids into habits that can improve their posture and protect their backs.
Adobe Acrobat document [145.0 KB]
Repetitive strain injuries
Adobe Acrobat document [103.4 KB]
Physio's guide to an instant makeover
Adobe Acrobat document [472.0 KB]
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